Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Resmed CPAP/APAP mask connector fix

I'm an obstructive sleep apnoea sufferer and like many people I have to sleep with a pressurised mask on. Not just to stop me snoring, but to stop me suffocating. Works well, highly recommended.

However, there is a common fault with "Mirage" ResMed CPAP mask connectors. They are made in a split mould, and the retaining clip on the front of the connector invariably splits along the join. These puppies cost US$25 a piece to replace. We can do better than that.

So take the connector off and get yourself a $2 roll of polyamide ("Kapton") high-temperature tape. It has to be this type - the stuff has no stretch, and we need that feature.

Keeping the tape edge level with the interior rim of the clip, go round your connector twice. Tough though the tape is, the adhesive is not great.

Use a craft knife or scalpel to carefully trim the tape flush with the outside edge of the clip. Do this smoothly as you can't pull straggly edges off of this stuff - it's too damn strong.

Smooth it down with your fingers and it'll be done. The repair should last at least a couple of months - longer in my experience than a genuine replacement part.

Hope this saves people a few bucks, or at least gives them an emergency repair option.