Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spray Booth

Suspended spray booth
Welcome back, long time no write. I have a new workshop in Henderson, but it had no spray booth. But with a little help from my friends, we fixed that. We made a square with four 1.5m long pieces of 15mm electrical conduit held at the corners with 90 degree elbows. So we could reuse things later, we put small woodscrews into the elbows to hold them together rather than using PVC adhesive.

Two pipe saddles hold the square onto the wall by one side so that it can hinge up and down. We actually used M3 spacers to hold the saddles off a little to allow enough room for the pipe to rotate smoothly. Rather than screwing direct to the wall, we screwed into chunks of 2x4 which were then screwed to the wall, or rather a crossbeam at the bottom of an overhead partition wall.

Net result, the square can be folded up against the wall. This is a bit of a reach, so we fastened a couple of eyes waaay up the wall, put cords through them, and tied one end to each of the "free" corners of the square. By anchoring the other end to handy screws in thew wall, we can lower the square until it is horizontal and tie it off.

A few polythene drop-sheets were then secured to the square frame with clear packing tape, like a shower curtain. One split left for the entrance, of course! A diagonal piece of pipe held across the square with cable ties gives a handy thing to dangle spray victims from on long wire hooks.

The floor underneath is protected by an old duvet cover. Some 2x4 offcuts strategically placed around the edges of the drop-sheets stop them from billowing up when the spray gun is used. Seems to work just fine!

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