Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Patches" is born

So the Simpleton design is progressing. Suz named it "Patches" after the wide variety of colours that seem to have become integrated with it.

In short, it's all coming together. The lower bearings for the Z drive screws are out of position by 10mm and the platform still raises and lowers smoothly, which bodes well for when I get it right.

The bearing brackets on the transverse drive shaft are  a bit flimsy, the wall that the Z motor is mounted on has an unwanted beam in it, and the motor that slides the deposition bed back and forth is about 20mm too low. A few more parts can be integrated and fasteners removed when I get the positioning finalised. No show stoppers though.

In about a month there should be some design files worth sharing with the world.

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