Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can Melting Update

Using the bottom of a MAPP gas can, which is larger and sturdier than a coconut cream tin, I've managed to melt and cast 20 cans at a go - and I still have a lot of my $6 bag of BBQ charcoal left.

When you get enough in the can, the aluminium squeezes out of the dross easier and you can pour it directly into a mould.


  1. This is quite interesting. The whole topic is really about how to do home manufacturing; recycling materials we have access to that would otherwise be thrown away.

  2. Cool stuff! Now that you have some nice chunks of aluminum, what do you plan to do with them? :-)

  3. I have a few things in mind, but a one piece RepRap extruder heater/heatsink is on the list. Will try some simpler stuff first though to perfect my technique. But mostly it's just fun doing energetic things with household materials :)

    I might try making some more functional workshop articles, and also the chassis for a scanning tunnelling microscope.

    My mate John also wants to borrow the furnace to make some massive lead sinkers!

  4. A friend of mine has artists in his family who do their own foundry work. Dieter notes that it is extremely easy to hurt yourself quite badly doing casting. He suggests not skrimping on crucibles, proper tongs and such and especially the protective clothing and shoes.

  5. BTW, lead needs no furnace. I've done that on a gas stove.

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